[Webinar] Everything You Need to Know: Using AI in Recruitment Marketing

Learn how to transform your recruiting strategies with AI powered recruiting to attract and engage the talent you need. For anyone with serious questions about how best to harness AI in recruiting, this webinar is for you.

Every organization and talent acquisition professional today is facing the realities of the global talent shortage. A recent Gartner survey of top executives found the talent shortage remains the key concern for business leaders. According to SHRM, 60% of companies struggle to fill job vacancies within 12 weeks. We need an effective, powerful way to turbocharge recruiting. The good news: We have one with AI. AI driven recruiting delivers an unforgettable, personalized candidate experience, and does it at scale.

MeghanMBiro_Picture-300x300View this on-demand webinar with Meghan M. Biro of TalentCulture for a fast, insight-packed discussion with Talemetry on AI powered recruiting. We examine what you need to know to boost recruiting with AI, including why you need it, how it works, and when and where to use it. Learn how to transform your recruiting with AI powered recruiting, and engage the talent you need. 

By watching this on-demand webinar content, you will learn:
• How AI powered recruiting delivers great candidate experiences.
• How to hyper-personalize recruitment content, and do it at scale.
• How frontrunner organizations use AI in recruiting.
• How to avoid common pitfalls of using AI.
• What AI powered recruitment will look like in the future.

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