The Ultimate Candidate
Experience Guidebook

The Ultimate Candidate Experience Guidebook gives you actionable insights for creating an exceptional candidate experience throughout the talent journey and improving recruiting results in your organization.

With more than $200 billion invested in recruiting annually, companies should be providing candidates top-notch, consumer-quality experiences. But more than 83% of candidates rate their job search experience as poor, according to Bersin. Clearly, the candidate experience is broken. The question is, how can organizations start to fix it?

The Ultimate Candidate Experience Guidebook shows you how. View this comprehensive guide to learn seven specific strategies you can use to enhance the candidate experience in your organization, including:

  • Building the foundation for an exceptional candidate experience
  • Focusing on the connection between your employer brand and the candidate experience
  • Prioritizing key audiences across the entire talent journey 
  • Leveraging AI and automation to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and improve candidate conversion


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