How to Optimize Recruitment Marketing & Achieve a 2020 Vision For the Next Decade

Despite the transformative landscape within talent acquisition today, organizations still find themselves struggling to attract enough high quality talent. 

Webinar Overview

The latest Talemetry research study reveals that 45.5 percent of organizations admit to having developing, but disconnected recruitment marketing activities, while 36.4 percent say their recruitment marketing is done on an ad hoc basis. To fix this, you need a roadmap to optimize your recruitment marketing function and EVOLVE for the future. 

During this engaging webinar, you will learn:

  • How to simplify the path for optimizing recruitment marketing strategies, processes and technology.
  • How to align your technology investments and harness data to deliver a more personalized experience for candidates.
  • How to apply the award-winning EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework as a roadmap for your ongoing success.
  • How to move beyond the old world of recruiting into a new interconnected world that enables you to more effectively recruit top talent for the coming decade.
With 2020 Vision, Talemetry empowers companies to develop the strategies and vision to enable true recruitment marketing optimization for attracting high quality talent by 2020 and beyond.

Featured Panelist

Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer,
Aptitude Research Partners

More than 13 years of researching talent acquisition and talent management, helping companies evaluate their strategies, and utilize technology to drive business outcomes.

Pete Sanidas, VP, Revenue, Talemetry

Over 15 years of experience delivering recruitment and recruitment marketing solutions and strategies, helping enterprise organizations attract, engage and convert candidates. Leader of Talemetry Research Team, which conducted this study.

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