#HRWINS Report: Recruitment Marketing Maturity Model

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Recruitment marketing has emerged from non-existent to both a fundamental driver of strategy and a core discipline for the modern recruiting organization over a relatively short period of time. Driven by considerable and persistent changes in the recruiting landscape, employers have rapidly adopted new recruitment marketing strategies and processes, while implementing myriad new technologies to support them. But organizations have struggled to keep pace with new capabilities and shifting internal and external expectations.

Download this report and get key insights into:

  • The rapid evolution of recruitment marketing over the last two decades
  • How advancing your own recruitment marketing maturity impacts the success of your recruiting function
  • The importance of key talent areas and strategic audiences to your recruitment marketing maturity 
  • Identifying recruitment marketing process areas and capabilities that align with your strategy 
  • Case study examples of organizations that demonstrate maturity in their recruitment marketing functions

I think the big news is EVOLVE gives you a framework and an integrated view where your analytics allow you to achieve your goals...That’s why I’m really excited about this."

George LaRocque

Principal Analyst, #HRWINS

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