The CRM Handbook

Using Recruiting CRM for Predictable, Scalable, and Proactive Recruiting

The CRM Handbook is the blueprint for an evolution from reactive recruiting strategies to proactive and scalable relationship-based hiring.

The CRM Handbook's concise, step by step overview shows you how to structure your processes, people, and technologies  to create a recruiting organization built to thrive whether talent is scarce or plentiful. Each chapter is full of information and tips you can put into practice immediately.

You'll learn:

  • Why labor supply and demand is changing the way we acquire talent
  • How to combine your internal and external sources of talent into a centralized talent pool
  • The role of segmentation and pipelines in effective talent acquisition
  • Strategies for engaging candidates BEFORE you need them
  • Keys to creating a source first culture
  • The role of marketing and candidate relationship management
  • Strategies for engaging passive candidates
  • Key analytics for predicting your ability to meet hiring demand
  • Optimization approaches for your entire recruiting organization
  • Case studies of candidate relationship management in action, and much more!

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