2018 Fortune 500 Candidate Experience Audit Insights

Finding and attracting top talent is more costly, more time consuming and more challenging than ever before. How can you win the war for talent?

The Talemetry Research Team just completed its annual Fortune 500 Candidate Experience Audit. And the results are pretty dismal. Only 5.3% of organizations demonstrate best practices in creating a positive candidate experience across the talent lifecycle. For example, of all Fortune 500 companies:

  • 90% still require registration with a username and password to apply for a job
  • More than 72% have no option for candidates to apply using cloud-based resumes
  • Less than 5% leverage Indeed to simplify the application process
  • More than 46% have no direct index to corporate jobs on their career site with Google for Jobs

But there is good news. You can win the war for talent with simple changes to your recruitment process that will enhance the candidate experience. Get your free copy of our full report to learn eight ways you can increase candidate conversion, deliver more personalized content and better engage candidates throughout their journey.

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