Achieving 2020 Vision: Optimize Recruitment Marketing for the Next Decade

Join us for a forward-thinking webinar with Pete Sanidas, Vice President, Talemetry, to learn how to prepare your talent acquisition strategy and function for the next decade with 2020 Vision. During this interactive webinar, you will learn:

  • How to optimize recruitment marketing for the coming decade
  • How to recruit a new breed of candidates who are agile, critical thinking and decisive
  • How to design and deliver personalized, consumer-quality candidate experiences
  • How to identify, prioritize and nurture key audiences most important to business results
  • How AI will continue to change the way you interact with candidates
  • How to amplify your employer brand with the latest technology
  • How to increase predictability in your recruiting function

Rather than entering the next decade with the same model and the same technology that’s been disconnected for two decades, or continuing to buy isolated point solutions as a short-term remedy, it’s time to get 2020 Vision for the future. Because recruitment marketing optimization will have a huge impact not only on your recruiting function, but also on your business. Imagine a new world of recruiting where candidates receive personalized experiences, your organization achieves integrated data and optimized systems, and your recruiters leverage a simple process for success.



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