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Stories Inc

July 26: What's Your Story?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to capture the hearts of your candidates with effective employee stories.

Did we get it right

Aug 1: Did We Get It Right?

Check out this live digital event replay to look back at the trends predicted for 2018 and look ahead to what's next. 

Step into the future

Aug 8: Step Into the Future with Madeline Laurano

Join us for an incredible webinar to learn how you can use cutting-edge technologies to personalize and enhance your candidate experience.


Aug 15: Diversity, Diversity, Diversity

Watch this webinar replay to learn what recruitment marketing strategies are most effective at attracting diverse candidates.

Know thyself

Aug 23: Know Thyself

Learn from this digital presentation how you can assess the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing function through the EVOLVE Framework to reach greater levels of maturity.

Brandon hall

Aug 28: Make More Quality Hires

Join us for our upcoming webinar with Brandon Hall Group to learn how to deliver an exceptional candidate experience to improve hiring results.